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Master of Arts in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI)

Master of Arts in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI) Erasmus + Joint Master Degree

Please note that the application deadline for EEA candidates for the MAISI programme has been extended to 1st of July 2024

• Self-funded EEA Citizens: 1 June 2024

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Photo: Joanna Maranhao, Brasilian Olympian, Safe sport expert MAiSI alumna, 2022-2024 © Satiro Brandao.

Looking for a Two-Year Master’s program in Sport Ethics?

Study across multiple European locations, preparing you for a career that matters.


The MAiSI is a full time two year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Sports Ethics and Integrity. Innovative and multidisciplinary, the programme is a catalyst for a profession that has been lacking within the sports administration sector. Concentrating on the development of ethical sports cultures and structures, and the development of tools for sports integrity education and compliance, MAiSI is delivered by five prestigious universities in Europe.

MAiSI is based on strong theoretical foundations and the development of core competencies needed to develop sports integrity expertise. Scholars are equipped to identify ethical issues, engage in critical ethical thinking, and translate decisions into ethical actions at the highest level of sports governance and administration:

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Erasmus Mundus MA Sports Ethics and Integrity


Lucia Gosebrink
Current job: project manager for sport events at PROPROJEKT (Planungsmanagement & Projektberatung GmbH)
Class of 2023
Nationality: German

Toni-Ann Williams
Athlete Fellow; Impact and Community Relations at the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee
Athlete Presenter at United States Anti-Doping Agency
Class of 2023
Nationality: Jamaican

Tomos Morris
Current job – Discipline Executive at the Football Association of Wales
Class of 2022
Nationality: British/ Welsh

Joanna Maranhao
Current job: Network coordinator at the Sport & Rights Alliance
Class of 2022
Nationality: Brazilian

Allison Wagner
Current job: Director of Athlete and International Relations at U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
Class of 2021
Nationality: USA

Rekha Janarthanan
1st year Ph.D student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Class of 2021 / Indian

Stephen Halpin
Current job: International Paralympic Committee – Classification Coordinator Nationality: British/Irish
Class of 2021

James Lancaster
Current job: Regulatory Lawyer at British Horseracing Authority
Nationality: British/Irish
Class of 2020

Alban Zohn
PhD at University of New Haven (Criminal Justice Department) / Content and Knowledge Officer at CSCF Sport Integrity Foundation
Nationality: American
Class of 2020

Carlos Augusto Gutiérrez Ortiz
Project Coordinator at Counter Sport Corruption Foundation for Sport Integrity (CSCF)
Class of 2020 / Colombian

Evgenia Tetelbaum
Current job: Sport integrity consultant/PhD researcher
Class of 2019
Nationality: Canadian

Evgenia Tetelbaum
Project Coordinator at the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Class of 2019 / Israëli

Dennis Osei-Nimo Annor
Phd student at Western University | Sport for development
Disability and Social Inclusion | Sport ethics and integrity | Anti-Racism taskforce
Class of 2019 / Ghanaian

Swansea University
Charles University
KU Levuven
Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz
University of Peloponneses

SEMESTER ONE: students to be based at KU Leuven

Sport as a Social Practice: Norms and values in sport, athlete welfare and safe sport; equality, diversity, and inclusion; moral psychology of sport; disability and Paralympic ethics.

The Nature of Sports Ethics and Ethical Theories: Deontological, consequentialist and virtue ethical theories; conventionalist, formalist and internalist theories of sport; key issues such as athletes’ rights, fair play and officiating, homophobia, transgender eligibility.

Ethics of Anti-doping and Sport Medicine: This covers all ethical aspects for anti-doping policy from its rationale to the implementation of the WADA code and other instruments, but also a critical consideration of the ethics of sports medicine more generally. Key issues for discussion include the whereabouts system and rights to privacy, strict liability, fairness and sanctioning, the Therapeutic Exemption process, as well as respect for the best interests of athlete patients, the goals of sports medicine, and the ethics of clinical decision making.

Sports law and integrity regulation provides a functional and integrated legal approach to sport, conceived as a social phenomenon with social, economic and cultural impact. Particular attention is paid to the unique nature of sports law, a combination of autonomous sports regulation and public regulation.. The course address:  Sources and principles of sports law; conflict resolution in sport; football labour market integrity; fair trial in dispute resolution; integrity, violence and non- discrimination; sports fraud, competition manipulation and macxh-fixing; the law of anti-doping.

SEMESTER TWO: students to be based at CUNI (Prague). Summer School at UoP (Olympia)

Sport Values, Fair Play and Integrity: prioritises the explicit development of philosophical and ethical thinking techniques, with discussions on the nature of sport (analytical approaches to the concept of sport and its values); sport rules (and their functions and characteristics); sport categorisations (especially with respect to issues of fairness and justice); and phenomenological understandings of the athlete as a human being. It also applies these theorisations to practical issues of education for sporting integrity.

Issues in Disabilities and Paralympic Sports covers the Rehabilitation – Education – Active Lifestyle – Elite Sports continuum, including an examination of the history of parasport as a part of rehabilitation. It explains the importance of recognising biomedical impairment types, and the role of adapted physical activities in the rehabilitation process. It also provides an understanding of elite para sport, its organizational structure, classification, and technologies; and considers associated ethical issues. The educational aspect of the parasport active lifestyle of athletes is also discussed, with field visits and practical activities.

Research Methods, Knowledge and Competencies: This module is held as part of the summer school and introduces students to the major techniques and methods of data capture in social scientific research. This includes questionnaire design and analysis, qualitative interview and focus group techniques. Students also take part in a “dissertation supermarket” talking with supervisors about potential areas of study for their Master thesis.


SEMESTER THREE: Students to be based at UPF (Barcelona) or JGU (Mainz) depending on their year of entry to the programme

The third semester focuses on in-depth organisational issues that will equip you for the managerial, economic and legal aspects of healthy sports governance. You will also begin your Master thesis in this semester. This entails research topic selection, developing research problems and questions, literature review and preparation of research ethics applications. This semester also focusses on ethical decision making and the challenges international sport federations and major sport event organisers face.

SEMESTER FOUR: Students to be based at any of the Consortium partners depending on their thesis specialism. Summer School at UoP (Olympia) 

During the fourth semester, you will have the benefit of being hosted by one of the MAiSI consortium partners to complete your Master thesis. Semester 4 also includes your final taught module in Olympic studies, which is taught as part of the Summer School, and incorporates sites of historical interest from the Ancient Olympic period.

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MAiSI Alumni Board had its first 2023 meeting, where they discussed:
- 2022 achievements
- 2023 projects
- 2023 working plan
- Potential agreements
- Potential alliances

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Through the completion of your EMJMD in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI), you will join a powerful, international network of partnerships and stakeholders. This network, through their varied roles in the sporting sector, are deeply committed to the promoting of critical engagement and ethical dialogue around the issues facing sports administrations in relation to managing their sports ethics and integrity functions.



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