Dr Alberto Carrio Sampedro
UPF Barcelona

Dr. Alberto Carrio Sampedro holds a Phd in Law (University of Oviedo), MA in Law of Sports and MA in European Advanced Studies. Dr. Carrio is currently Lecturer in Legal Philosophy at the Law Department of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).

Previously he was pre-doctoral fellow of the Spanish Parliament and the Spanish Agency of Cooperation (Spanish Foreign Office). Dr. Carrio has published several academic papers in Legal Theory, Constitutional Law, Rule of Law, Rules of Sports, Equality and Fairness in Sports, Sport Governance and the impact of the new technologies and AI in sport. Dr. Carrio is currently Deputy Director of Fair Play. Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law, Director of the Centre for Quality and teaching Innovation at the Department of Law as well as the coordinator of the Permanent Seminar of the Legal Clinic of Pompeu Fabra University.


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