Prof. Dr. Christiana Schallhorn
JGU Mainz

Prof. Dr. Christiana Schallhorn, Ph. D., has been junior professor for sports sociology at the Institute of Sports Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz since October 2019. Prior to this, she worked at the University of Würzburg and Augsburg. She received her doctorate in 2016 with her dissertation on the influence of media coverage about Brazil during the 2014 FIFA world cup and its effects on media users in Germany. Her research focuses on issues related to sports, society and media.

The main areas of interest are media coverage of sports, sport media use and impact of major sports events as well as their social significance. Her work has been published in international journals. Further, she is co-editor of the German Journal Sportkommunikation und Mediensport. In teaching, she deals with topics such as sports communication and media sports.


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