Stuart Page is the Chairman of the International Advisory Board. Stuart is a business owner (entrepreneur) and a former Senior Executive Diplomat in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Mr Page has worked in the Department of Defence and also served in the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet working to Prime Minister John Howard. These experiences have afforded him a good understanding of the art of teamwork and making decisions under pressure. After a military career early in life, Stuart moved to an Australian Intelligence agency where he was able to gain even more direct insight into making ethical decisions in a complex global environment. All of those valuable experiences draw into making more informed decisions later in life in his role as a UN Board of Trustees Member at UNICRI.

Today Stuart, has over 25 years’ experience now in ethical and integrity decision making across International Diplomacy, Governance, Policy, Major Event Security, International logistical operations, International Crisis-Disaster Response, Security, Cyber, Sport, Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement, UN, Trade and Counter Terrorism. Stuart currently also serves on several International Boards in a range of sectors across the world.

He is a leading expert in Sports Integrity and supports several philanthropic foundations. In all of his roles, Stuart was able to bring ethics and integrity to the table and see it in practical terms. Stuart strongly believes it is a crucial time today to address sports policy, governance and ethics/integrity issues. The sustainability of the MAiSI programme and the future of integrity in the world of sports organisations are essential in keeping the programme cemented into sporting culture and actions for the sustainability of sport.


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